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Dr. Bell New Patients

Dr. Bell offers a Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation to those who are new or may have questions about NSA & SRI and how it may relate to any specific health concern(s). If you would like to set up a consultation or to schedule the first two visits, please contact the office via phone or email to schedule this.  

Starting care begins with scheduling the first two visits. The purpose of the FIRST VISIT is to get a comprehensive picture of the individual’s overall health and to determine whether this type of care will best serve that individual’s goals.   The visit is approximately 90 minutes. Each individual will be assisted in discovering new ways of addressing their symptoms or concerns so to find a course of action that will be best suited for them.  The visit ends with a gentle hands-on session plus any pertinent information that will further assist the individual in moving toward their goals.  The first visit consists of a consultation, Spinal Exam, and your first gentle hands-on session with NSA and/or SRI:

* An introduction and overview about the nature of care being offered.
* An introduction to the concepts of spinal position, tension, tone, breath, range of motion          and its relationship to health & wellness.
* A review of the “Comprehensive Health Survey” form to see where current health                  concerns/goals are (to be filled out before the initial visit).                                                                              * A review of specific lifestyle factors such as diet/nutrition, exercise, sleep,    postural/movement patterns, and stressors that may be affecting current health.

Spinal Exam, evaluating for:                                                                                                                                   *  Stress physiology & Defense posture & patterns

Stress physiology and defense posture are indications of lack of ease and lack of integrity within the spinal and body structures. When the body is responding effectively to cues from the internal and external environment, it is common and natural to adapt a posture(s) and neuro/biochemical physiology in alignment with growth, healing, ease, and well being. The care offered at this office is designed to maximize spinal integrity and optimize communication between the nerve system and the rest of the body so to increase the body’s overall ability to respond to stress in effective ways.

NSA and/or SRI session


On the SECOND VISIT, you will receive information regarding clinical findings from the first visit, recommendations for care, and a second hands-on session:

Clinical Findings:
* The individual will learn specifically where there may be a holding of tension in the body, any spinal/muscular/structural/postural imbalances or misalignments, “compensational patterns” or protective adaptations related to stress physiology, and how these may be affecting overall health.

Recommendations, for:
A care program (based on clinical findings and customized to each individual’s specific health goals).
Home care exercises related to stretching, breathing, movement, and somatic (body) awareness.
The improvement of the individual’s current health status, including any recommendations for new or refined lifestyle behaviors in alignment with specified goals.
Enhancement wellness and overall quality of life.
Nutritional support, if any.

NSA and/or SRI session

This type of work is beneficial for those:


Neck/back pain, tension, aches
Muscle & bone pain, soreness
Arthritis, joint pain & stiffness
Scoliosis, poor posture
TMJ disorder
Nerve pain, radiculopathy, numbness, tingling
Headaches (chronic, tension, migraine)
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
Difficulty sleeping or falling asleep
Depression, overwhelm
Anxiety, worry, over concern
Hormonal imbalance
Allergies, asthma, sinus issues
... and more ... 


Increased energy/vitality, less fatigue
Reduction of pain
Increase in exercise or motivation to exercise
Greater strength & flexibility
Increased range of breath & movement
Emotional wellbeing
Increased mental focus or clarity
Greater ability to respond to life challenges
Overall ease in life and within relationships
The feeling of being grounded or centered
More creativity and openness
More joy, peace, happiness, life enjoyment
Greater ability to get more done
Fewer concerns about small things
Greater ability to adapt to change
More confidence in dealing with adversity
... and more ...

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